Greg Cunningham

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen


Hello my names Greg I'm the best man for Paul and Sarah today and I have known Paul for 18 years since school. I am very proud to be doing this job today but being asked to be best man is very much like being asked to French kiss the queen it's an honour but you don't really want to do it. Only joking mate.


Now I would like to start off with some compliments. I must say that our bride Sarah looks terrific. Paul is one very lucky man.


Today is a sad day for many single men as now another beautiful woman leaves the available list and ladies I think today has passed by without so much as a ripple.


I would also like to thank the ushers and bridesmaids you all look wonderful and thank you for helping it be an excellent day.


Also thanks to the parents I've got to say what an amazing day you have helped to make it.


Now like I said I first met Paul at Infant school ,in the toilets, that really sounds bad . Well it was bad for Paul, he had just wet himself ,what way to introduce himself, funny enough the same thing happened on the stag night but we won't talk about that ay Paul. From early on and drinking too much squash till now and drinking too much beer Paul has never learned what goes in must come out. Which leads me on to him painting the walls of our room at Uni in red and orange.......... red wine and carrots actually and I am still emotionally scarred by that so thanks.


I have some words of wisdom now.


The best way to remember your anniversary ..... is to forget it the once.



Never forget to say those three magical words to her ...... Your right dear.



Now I'd like all the husbands and wives here to stare deeply into each other's eyes .................... statistically you are staring at the person most likely to murder you !


Joking aside they really are an amazing couple and have looked after me over the years and I am so happy for them today. I couldn't wish for better friends.


I would like to wish the happy couple the very best as they embark on their honeymoon ...... but I am a little confused by one thing ? Sarah said they are going to Antigua on honeymoon but Paul said he was going to Bangor for the week.


Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you that are still capable of standing, would you now do me the honour of rising to your feet.


Here's to the past, for all that you've learned.


Here's to the present, for all that you share.


Here's to the future, for all that you look forward to together.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the Bride and Groom.


Mr and Mrs Layton