Best Man Speech Structure format

To make the creation of your speech easier we have provided a classic best man speech structure format for you to work with. Make sure your speech is balanced at the start and in the middle you want to make them laugh and smile but by the end you want them crying tears of happiness. Bring the teary soppy stuff in to early and you come across as cheesy and they'll be laughing at you not with you. Never use inside jokes, only you and a select few will know, you will cut off your audience  immediately and thats a BAD IDEA. Use the Best Man speech structure and hints below and it should be simple ...... well not simple but a bit easier.


Good luck with your Best Man speech.

best man speech structure

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best man speech tips

Introduce yourself and explain how you know the groom. Get an early joke in to settle the nerves, laughter will calm you and make you realise that this could be fun.

Formal Section

This part is your reply on behalf of the bridesmaids and ushers. Compliment the Parents on their hospitality and what a great day its been. Compliment the bride on how she looks etc.

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Stories and Anecdotes

 This is your chance to roast the groom but dont forget its got to be fun for everyone not all the people present will know the characters in your story. The stories and anecdotes can be taken from thing's like shared history and reminiscing about funny stuff in his past , His character trait's, bad habit's, hobbies, jobs, his appearance or you could use pictures.  Dont go too overboard we don't want a full on character assassination here, he is your friend, but you can hover at the limits of poking fun at him . Check out our Best Man Speech SOS section for loads of ideas to fill this part of your speech. NEVER put the bride down in your speeches .  

Words of Wisdom

best man speech words of wisdom

Give some insight into marriage. Time for some humerous Best Man words of wisdom and Best Man jokes.

Sincere Section

This is your moment to be nice now you've finished ruining the groom. Give the couple compliments and wish them the best for the future.

Read Cards and Messages

Read the cards out and maybe stick in a couple of fake ones for laughs.

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The Toast

Remember this is your final part and probably the bit everyone will recall. Make a real effort on this part and go out with a bang.