Best Man Speech SOS

Speeches are quite daunting especially when your first preparing the speech. This is sometimes the moment when your brain Empties and suddenly you draw a blank and cant think of anything.

Dont panic here are our Best Man Speech Ideas to make an awesome and original best man Speech.

Analyse your Subject

• Where and when did you first meet ?

• What were your first impressions ?

• What does he look like, what are his traits and characteristics ? Think of some words that describe him.

• What nicknames has he had – now and when he was growing up ?

• What embarrassing things have you seen him do ?

• What is he really good at ?

• What is he really Bad at ?

• What are the worst decisions he’s made ? Dodgy haircuts, fashion mistakes, pranks, Holidays.....

• What are his habits ?

• What are his most common words ?

• What are his favourite interests football, career, computers, cars etc

• To what lengths has he gone to follow these things ?

• What makes you proud to call him your friend ?

• What Kind and generous things has he done ?

• Has he changed since you’ve met him or since he met his bride ?

Historical Dates

History is a great place to obtain ammunition for your speech using the Grooms birth date or the date of the wedding you can always find something to turn into a joke or an amazing fact. Using On this day websites ( see our speech resources page for a couple of good sites ) or googling these dates obtain the facts, google jokes for your fact and BOOM theres some easy ammo for your speech. Newspapers from their birth date are also excellent for stories find one what could relate to him twist it and make a joke of it. You could even use this paper or a current one with a good story to abuse the Groom and photoshop his face on it and  present it as a prop during your speech.


Evidence is an awesome source of speech Ammo old embarassing photographs blown up or you can even place these photo's in envelopes as Evidence No1, No2 etc  put them on all the tables and use these in turn to start a story or joke by saying " if you open envelope no 1 you can see " etc. School reports are pretty good to ask his parents to dig them out NO ONE has perfect school reports in every lesson and every year there will be something there to use i can assure you. Parents or siblings are also a good source obviously they've known your victim all their life and as we grow up we make mistakes and embarass ourselves these guys will be more than happy to help purely for payback !!


Find out the grooms Star sign find out if his traits and characteristics are correct or be ironic if their not. Read out his horoscope for the day and see how far out or spot on it is. You can also find out the Brides Star sign and check their compatibility makes jokes whether its good or bad. Chinese year signs can be checked to.


Find out the meaning of their names if its true excellent use it. If their the complete opposite of their personality even better use it and abuse it. Are there any celebrities with the same names as them can you compare them and use sarcasm and wit for laughs because of their contrasts.


Dodgy pieces of clothing, Photos, video's there are many props you can use to give a story more credence or you could even change some lyrics to a famous song and obtain the karaoke track to sing along with. There is no limit to what you can use in your speech it does not purely have to be words from a page. The more original you are the better reaction you will get. Good luck and i hope this helps.

This is Your Life

This is a mixture of all the above based on the old TV program which would go back over peoples life's using photo's, prop's, video and guest's. Begin with the theme tune playing and you will have the guest's hooked immediately. Starting off from the moment they was born bringing all the way through till when the couple met.  The guest's can play a big part, calling them up and reliving some funny stories of the past. This involves alot of research and crowd involvement but getting other people involved takes the pressure off you and creates audience participation and makes them feel part of it.