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Wanted Guest Bloggers, Article writers or even if you have a great line for our speech section.

We are looking for budding writers and bloggers interested in the opportunity of gaining more experience and exposure that could boost their portfolio by contributing to a blog and site like ours.

Our interest's are anything that a Best Man or Stag would find helpful or absorbing be it articles or speech material.


In the future there are thought's of expanding and creating a Lad Humour and Article part of the site due to the Demographics of the people using the site and thus optimising the title of the Domain.

The Best Man Site begun in October 2013 it currently has over 4,000 unique visitors every month and this is increasing each week. The majority of visitors are males aged 24 to 35 from the UK and Ireland but visits from the USA, AUS, NZ and Canada also seem to be multiplying in numbers.


All articles will be promoted via social media – Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Also the writer can promote the article across their social media accounts.


Article Format.

  • Informative.Original.
  • Include at least one Image.
  • Be at least 500 words.
  • Can contain a link to their own site which will have to be reciprocated to us also.

Jokes for the Speech Section.

  • All Jokes will be assessed for suitability.
  •  Will be added to the relevant Page with a credited name directly underneath the Line.

 Contact us below with your idea's or draft copies for our consideration.

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