Best Man Speech Hints and Tips

Visualise your audience naked.

Dont if the wrinkly ones are at the front though.


• Don't forget why your there.... to wind up the groom but not to embarrass him forever and to tell everyone after a bit of ribbing what a nice guy he really is. Say how beautiful the bride looks and what a great match they are.




• Remember to thank everyone you should i.e. both parents, family members, bridesmaids and double check if there's anyone else who deserves a mention.




• It's a good idea to run some of your Best Man speech jokes past some friends and family to check for laughter value and x-ratedness as what could bring an easy laugh to a 21 yr old might offend a 60yr old. A good Best Man joke should be like a good curry hot enough to burn the grooms bum but not potent enough to kill him.



• Practice and Rehearse, over and over, being confident in what you are about to say takes away so much pressure. Being familiar with your Best Man speech will instil confidence in yourself and coming across as confident will make your speech look twice as good.




• The more you can remember, the better, either with cue cards or glancing at your speech, as this will allow you to flow.




• On the Wedding day find out where you will be sitting and If you're using a microphone do a sound check before the people fill the room and check with a friend that everyone no matter where their sitting can hear you clearly.




• Pick three friendly faces around the room and move between them so you address everyone in the room. Name check people in the room it's another way to bring your audience to you and get them involved.




• At least try to consign the opening lines to memory the eye contact with your crowd draws the audience to be on your side and makes them feel like you're talking to them. Through the rest even if your reading from a sheet or card keep your head up so you can be heard. Nothing worse than a mumbler.


• I know you're going to feel nervous but honestly everyone there is behind you it will be the warmest audience you will ever stand in front of. They want to be made to laugh and smile at a few jokes and sincere comments. Remember your the final speech they've had a few drinks by now so they'll be giggly and tipsy and theyve just been bored by the 20 minute Father of the Bride speech. Get that early joke in and the laughter will bring out your inner stand up.




• Just remember why your here and put the day in perspective you're not standing in front of a judge and jury and it's not a job interview it's just a tiny short piece of your life and you have been chosen for the role because you mean a lot to the couple. Everyone will understand if your nervous you can begin with a joke about your nerves like this is the fifth time today I've stood up from a warm seat with a piece of paper in my hand or something like that.




• Mind your language your audience could include anyone from 0-100 years old. Keep it PG not X rated.




• Don't make your Best Man speech too long the father of the bride tends to go on a little bit yours should be about 7- 10 mins long.




• Don't talk about old girlfriends your asking for trouble.




• There will be a temptation to drink a bit too much before you speak, I'm not saying a bit of Dutch courage will take the edge off but don't start slurring.


• Don't rush through your Best Man speechs pause between paragraphs and when you're expecting a laugh wait for it, don't panic if it doesn't come, with a smile tell them they was supposed to laugh and for instance shout to one of the ushers something like Phil start the car.


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